Set Up Form Email Options

Use the Form Email Setup tools to set up your online correspondence system. The setup options include specifying your return email address, web site, and logo, as well as creating the text of appointment card and receipt messages.

Other Email Form Settings - This editor sets up the email content for appointment cards and payment receipts only. You can use the Reports and Forms Editor to set up the email message content for other forms you email to your patients and parents. See "Set Up Reports and Forms" for details.

How to Get Here

Click to OpenOpen Form Email Editor - Home ribbon bar > Tools section > Editors > General > Form Email Setup.

Get Started

Click to OpenProvide Sender Email Addresses - When you open your Form Email Setup editor for the first time, you must enter the "sent from" email addresses to include on your appointment card and payment receipt email messages. You can change these values for individual templates from within the editor at any time.

Choose Your Settings

Click to OpenShow / Hide Preview - Use the Filter icon at the left edge of the preview panel to show / hide an example of your current email form settings.

Click to OpenSend Sample - With the preview panel visible, enter your email address in the text box at the top of the panel, then click Send to send yourself an example email with the current form settings.

Click to OpenSet Up Templates - Open the Appointment Card or Receipt tab to select the type of email template you want to work with. Then create a new template, or edit an existing template as needed.

Click to OpenSave Changes - Click Save in your Quick Access toolbar or File ribbon bar (or press Ctrl+S on your keyboard) to save any changes you have made.

More Information

Assign Templates to Offices - Use the Form Email Templates section of your Offices editor to select which appointment card and receipt template to use when sending forms via email. Edge Cloud will select the receipt template according to the office assigned in the patient folder, and the appointment card template according to the office assigned to the scheduled appointment (not necessarily the patient's assigned office). See "Office Editor" for details.

Send Appointment Card via Email - Right-click an appointment in the patient's Patient Information Panel, or in your Scheduler, or activate a patient in your Scheduler and select to generate an Appointment Card. When you select the email option, you can then choose to send the message to any email address associated with the patient.

Send Payment Receipt via Email - When you generate a payment receipt, you may choose to print or email it to the responsible party. See "Receipt of Payment" for details.

Review Sent Forms - A copy of the form is saved in the patient's correspondence history: Use the Emailed Forms tab of the patient's correspondence history to review the appointment cards and payment receipts that were sent using the Edge Form Email feature, instead of being printed. (See "Set Up Form Email Options" for details about enabling this feature.)